Welcome to the BLT Cluster

The Home of High-Performance, Big Data, and Research Computing at Lewis & Clark College

About BLT

BLT is a 144-core Intel Xeon based high-performance cluster computer operated at Lewis & Clark College. BLT provides the ability for members of the L&C community to:

  • Perform large-scale computations and simulations
  • Analyze large amounts of data
  • Perform computation-based science research
  • And more

Useful Links

In order to make running jobs on the cluster easier, we host some web services. We have a multi-user notebook server to allow use of Jupyter notebooks for computation. We also host a file transfer system called OwnCloud to allow users to transfer data in and out of the cluster easily. You can also see the cluster's documentation if you need more information.

IMPORTANT: If you are not connected to the VPN, you will NOT be able to access any of the resources except for the documention. If you need help connecting to the VPN, contact one of the BLT admins through one of the methods listed at the bottom of this page.

Follow the links below:

Contact us

If you have any questions about BLT, feel free to contact us. The best ways to do that are:

Tech Specs

Lewis & Clark College, Portland OR
Node Count
3 Workers, 1 Scheduler/Login/Filesystem Manager
Processor Family
Intel Xeon E5 v3 Family
Architecture Family
Processor Count
6 Workers, 2 Orchestrators
Core Count
144 Workers, 32 On Head Node
Total Onboard Memory
1500GB Workers, 130 GB On Head Node
Total Disk Space
138 TB
10G Ethernet
Network Topology
Fully Interconnected Mesh
Operating System
CentOS 7 Enterprise Linux
Scheduler System
Sun GridEngine